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Inspirational 2012

This is the time of year when sadness hits in the form of ALL that we have LOST.We should focus on what we gained this time of year …..Jesus Christ…..His birth was and is the most Miraculous birth of all time….Born with just his mom Mary and his dad Joseph they brought forth the redeemer and the forgiver…..They brought the shinning star and the brightest angel that would EVER be born…Jesus knew at birth he had 33 years to do what had to be done and what words were needed to be spoken….God sent him to us so we can trust that IF we believe in him we will have everlasting life…..John3:16….God and Jesus trusted us to keep the faith in our lives and to delve only in the words of them that meant that we would live with them in Heaven…..The stresses of people who have lost others at this time of the year plus the stresses of everyday life make us wonder IF we will ever make it through the next day.Some of the losses are new ones some are old ones that have as of yet to be resolved by laying a wreath on a grave but one certain thing is true….With God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit no distance is too far and no death too painful that THEY will not help us through them.Our fears, nightmares, and what ifs will not comfort us but GOD will!!!!!!!    MAY GOD BE IN YOUR HEART THIS SEASON!!!!