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 I was just going through the beginning of High School back in 1982 or 83.She and I were getting ready for bed when she had a spell where she got sick and fell to the floor in a heap.I dialed 911 a new service at the time and her Son while keeping as calm as I could.It took the ambulance almost 20 minutes to get to our home and another 2 minutes for her son to get there with his wife.All I can recall after they all got there is my brother telling me to pack a bag of clothes and my meds I was staying with them for sometime until mom got better.I recall going to see mom one time while she was in the hospital.Her voice was slurred a bit and her memory wasn’t quite as acute as it once was but I had her back in a couple of weeks.I know my mom loved me if she had not her health would have went downhill and not up.I say alot about her but you know what? I never had to sleep in a cardboard box or a car we always had a roof over our head and somehow food to eat.

I recall times getting up at 4:30 AM and earlier to pick newspapers up with their circulars and put them together along with putting them in a plastic sleeve to deliver all over the back roads of Indiana.We would pile into the Red Ford Pinto station wagon and in 2 or 3 hours time they would be delivered and the money collected for the routes.I was put in charge early figuring out how much money we had as well as the little “tabs” you put in the box as well as Bill Collection notices.I learned money early.
Mom worked at a Jailhouse as the very first lady matron in Jennings County,Indiana.She cooked prisoners meals as well as kept the upstairs office neat and tidy,she even got a few accommodations for her service.
Mom also worked in the principles office in Junior High as a secretary I got to help her out during the summer times when it was just staffed with Summer School students.While she done her job I learned how to use copy machines the kind you hand crank.
Mom worked as a caregiver to a polio patient for a man who was the president of the Kentucky association of (P V of A) Paralyzed Veterans of America.He even trusted me enough to ask me if I would come to help him out whenever his wife and kids were out of town.His taste in TV shows was Benny Hill and the likes.
She also worked on a childrens ward at the State hospital for some years.She learned how to take temps and do pulse counting and do charts for each patient.She had an entire ward to do by herself at times.
My moms work and her ethics made her who she was;a strong, independent,and driven person.While this BLOG is not in order of first to last its important that some people know what kind of WOMAN I came from.Mom was the very first single person to get to adopt a child in Indiana in her time.She was not my biological one but will forever take her teachings of do unto others as they would do unto you to my grave.I LOVE YOU MOTHER!