What Violence We Make

     We instill from birth almost now that violence solves every issue. From getting the most bubbles by shooting at them with imaginary water guns on a computer screen.To shooting with real handheld guns from manufactures who make them for gamers to shoot cyber humans to death.Take a look at the games you play and the ones your children want.Ask this question will my kids benefit from them?

     We give them guns for Christmas and not something to look up to.We make people angry by limiting what we sell. We find reasons to justify everything.”I am so busy it will keep them busy” reason why to buy a violent video game which we do not monitor.Trust me if the average parent knew what was on the game they just bought it would NOT have been bought.Why not get unbusy and play catch with your children?When I was young I busied myself tearing up useless small kitchen items and even an old telephone that a repairman left with me when I was sick.I was in heaven with that type of play.I also learned a lot about their inner workings.

     We sink ourselves so deep into this hole of DEBT that we can not find a way out so we hide or heads into the sand as per usual.By doing so we escape into this mentality of everything is doing great.We have the new car,house,clothes, jewelry,and sporting goods.Kids raised by material l homes are more than likely to act out of that environment and do things that they should not.Some kids can and do make it in such homes but you must raise them with GOD in their life as a stable and constant.We made it our business to see to it our kids get their games but not the support they need.

     We let kids who come to us with real serious issues get brushed off by people who have better things to do.How many times have kids come to councilors in a school and were brushed off by the person and allowed to stay with the parent ,or parents that abuse them.I was a VICTIM of that,but it was because I have had GOD in my heart that I choose NOT to do what some kids nowadays do with out haste.God needs to be put back into our lives if we are to survive.

     We are all given choices in life and we must choose well for what we do now affects everyone in the future.I came up with a real sense of God even when others have decided to fail him.We will never know what makes a person loose the grip on Love,Life,and Happiness.We will only know its aftermath.We must each strive to obliterate the ignorance that we ourselves have fallen blissfully into.

     Teach others not to spend more than what they make and you will go a long way towards financial independence.Tech the adults to not go for the newest items out there especially if they can not afford them.Make the supreme effort to always put forth a helping hand in the community that you live in.Make your heart a calming place so others can find shelter from their storms.Do not let others tread lightly onto your rights.

     Give to your children God,Reason to live,Reasoning to let others live,Happiness,Joy,Sincerity,Gifts that enrich their lives,Strong family values, Discipline,Honor,Courage,Grace,Stillness in their hearts,and most of all a Strong family background.

     These will help to raise Humans who will enrich the world we leave to them.Please do your part and save the world one person at a time even if it is just you.


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