My Life in a Nutshell

     My life has been an interesting one to say the least.From birth,adoption,and then adulthood,it’s been one big roller coaster.But God has seen me through the worst of times.

     When I was born,my biological parents decided to divorce.Using me as their reason for divorce,my two sisters and I were shipped off to separate foster homes.I was too sickly that no one wanted me because,face it,no one wants a sick infant.

     My adoption is another story altogether.Mom was too old to adopt a child,let alone one with physical limitations such as epilepsy,heart problems,and unsteady nerves.I will credit her for her efforts on keeping me,instead of sending me off to the state ward,where children are treated with such poor care that they turn into vegetables.My mom tried her best to provide me with clean clothes,food,and a warm place to live.We didn’t have to use a car as a home.I was lucky in that respect.

     Now,in adulthood,I have had problems with my body that no one should have to deal with,including bladder problems,depression,nerve damage,and even women’s issues.My bladder is shot from all the sodas I have drunk.I am depressed due to mental issues stemming from a past that no one should have to deal with.I have nerve damage,due to being run over by a semi-tractor trailer rig.Then there are the women’s issues such as infertility which dealt me a heavy blow as I had wanted children from an early age.

     I have,though,a great deal of educational skills that I can use to teach young children and even adults things such as computer skills and anything else I can find to quench my appetite for learning and teaching.In order to do that,though,I have to make my mind up and do the basics;go to college,attend classes,work hard,and not play around.I am diligent on some of the goals;however,some of them have me derailed due to short attention span.

     In closing,I have done much more that surprise the naysayers who said,”She will never amount to anything,so why waste the time and resources to help her?”I have the willpower and determination that will see me through any and all kinds of hurdles that I may have to deal with.From tough classes in Math,English,Computer,and whatever else is thrown at me,I am determined that nothing will stand in my way,not even poorly typed first essays.

     I owe everything I have accomplished thus far to God.He has seen me through some tough times and will continue to do so.He has been my rock and my salvation as only he can!God is everywhere in my life and always will be.


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