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Inspirational 2012

This is the time of year when sadness hits in the form of ALL that we have LOST.We should focus on what we gained this time of year …..Jesus Christ…..His birth was and is the most Miraculous birth of all time….Born with just his mom Mary and his dad Joseph they brought forth the redeemer and the forgiver…..They brought the shinning star and the brightest angel that would EVER be born…Jesus knew at birth he had 33 years to do what had to be done and what words were needed to be spoken….God sent him to us so we can trust that IF we believe in him we will have everlasting life…..John3:16….God and Jesus trusted us to keep the faith in our lives and to delve only in the words of them that meant that we would live with them in Heaven…..The stresses of people who have lost others at this time of the year plus the stresses of everyday life make us wonder IF we will ever make it through the next day.Some of the losses are new ones some are old ones that have as of yet to be resolved by laying a wreath on a grave but one certain thing is true….With God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit no distance is too far and no death too painful that THEY will not help us through them.Our fears, nightmares, and what ifs will not comfort us but GOD will!!!!!!!    MAY GOD BE IN YOUR HEART THIS SEASON!!!!


A Cats Christmas Tale

I awaken from my restful slumber feeling outta sorts today is different,but I do not know why.I slowly stretch my tiny legs out and upwards towards the last of the incoming sunlight.It is then I hear a sound and look excitedly towards the door,I have been asleep all day,as most cats do.I then roll quickly over onto my soft tummy,stand up on my nimble paws, and dart quickly out the opened door,as I exit I swish my tail in the air a few times.I yawn as wide as my little mouth can take in my surroundings with great care you can never be too careful with the stray animals around.When I am sure the coast is clear no dogs, squirrels,and other animals,it is then I can and do slowly make my way off the premises with my paws gently retracing one of my favorite routes.I usually go to town for scraps even though my owners feed me the best that they can afford.I still like the merchants who live on the corner that give me the last few sips they have of  sheep milk.I love how sweet it taste and how they seem to always know how I love to be petted while I am lapping it up.I tell you it is the cats life for me,the humans they have so much to deal with me I just eat,drink,and sleep.Sometimes I catch a rodent or two to earn my keep, but I try to keep those days few and far between,never get rid of them all or then your usefulness is outlived.All of a sudden I hear odd sounds coming from an Innkeepers place where I usually go for scraps.

“We have come for a room.Do you have one to spare?’ says this man I have never seen before and who is holding a very big woman’s hand.

The innkeeper gets real mad and tells them”Go away we have no room for you and especially for her.We do not want to get involved with a pregnant woman she may die in here and we do not want to be held responsible.”

The man says as the woman screams in pain,”Then where do you suggest I go to?”

The innkeeper very madly says”Go to the manger you can sleep there now quit bothering me.”He then slams the door in their weary faces.

I have never seen him so angry.I am drawn to get closer to them,so I walk to the man and the big woman,and it is then I see why she is so big,she is with child.I recall when my owners lady had her baby,she was in pain for hours.

I walk up to the man and brush against him,half expecting him to swat me away like a fly,but he scoops me up in his arms and says,”Hello little kitty how are you? I am Joseph and this is Mary. We have traveled a long way only to be turned down by everyone for a room.Would you like to stay with us for the night?”

I do not know them but the mans voice is calming and reassuring to me.I decide to forego the rest of my nightly prowl because something inside me says this night and these people are special in a big way.They may be covered in tattered clothing but their manners seem so warm and loving.I have never felt so loved and at peace both at the same time,not even by my owners.

I am so content that I purr so loudly the lady looks over at me.”Hello little cat I see we have our first visitor to the manger.Would you like to rest with me on the hay while my husband prepares me a bed in the hay?”I rest in her arms while her man makes the bed and places a cloth over it so that it makes the hay softer.

It is just then that the rest of the animals begin to arrive.I can say it was a night that I will long remember so many creatures of such different looks.A trio of men come they were called “”Wise men”” whatever they were,but they sure knew the names of each of the animals that arrived.I met Zebras,Lions,Sheep,Cattle,and the list is endless.I do believe the whole world of creatures were present.It was so strange to see Lions and Sheep sleeping side by side as was the Dog and Cat.Soon though the woman screams and drops me.I know it is time.

I do not want to watch but I do her face is all aglow by the shinning star in heaven.”She is giving birth to Jesus Christ” says a wise man.I look up to him but he and everyone else is looking at the woman.

All of a sudden she yells,”He is here!”The sound of trumpets ring out and cheers among the people and the animals fill the night air.

I have witnessed something so incredible and magnificent the birth of Jesus Christ and a new beginning for the world.I knew this night was special when I first woke up.I just had had no idea how special it was destined to become.Bethlehem became a place where so many would come to just to see where he was born.I was given the most precious gift of all to be there with Mary,Joseph,and Jesus Christ.

What Violence We Make

     We instill from birth almost now that violence solves every issue. From getting the most bubbles by shooting at them with imaginary water guns on a computer screen.To shooting with real handheld guns from manufactures who make them for gamers to shoot cyber humans to death.Take a look at the games you play and the ones your children want.Ask this question will my kids benefit from them?

     We give them guns for Christmas and not something to look up to.We make people angry by limiting what we sell. We find reasons to justify everything.”I am so busy it will keep them busy” reason why to buy a violent video game which we do not monitor.Trust me if the average parent knew what was on the game they just bought it would NOT have been bought.Why not get unbusy and play catch with your children?When I was young I busied myself tearing up useless small kitchen items and even an old telephone that a repairman left with me when I was sick.I was in heaven with that type of play.I also learned a lot about their inner workings.

     We sink ourselves so deep into this hole of DEBT that we can not find a way out so we hide or heads into the sand as per usual.By doing so we escape into this mentality of everything is doing great.We have the new car,house,clothes, jewelry,and sporting goods.Kids raised by material l homes are more than likely to act out of that environment and do things that they should not.Some kids can and do make it in such homes but you must raise them with GOD in their life as a stable and constant.We made it our business to see to it our kids get their games but not the support they need.

     We let kids who come to us with real serious issues get brushed off by people who have better things to do.How many times have kids come to councilors in a school and were brushed off by the person and allowed to stay with the parent ,or parents that abuse them.I was a VICTIM of that,but it was because I have had GOD in my heart that I choose NOT to do what some kids nowadays do with out haste.God needs to be put back into our lives if we are to survive.

     We are all given choices in life and we must choose well for what we do now affects everyone in the future.I came up with a real sense of God even when others have decided to fail him.We will never know what makes a person loose the grip on Love,Life,and Happiness.We will only know its aftermath.We must each strive to obliterate the ignorance that we ourselves have fallen blissfully into.

     Teach others not to spend more than what they make and you will go a long way towards financial independence.Tech the adults to not go for the newest items out there especially if they can not afford them.Make the supreme effort to always put forth a helping hand in the community that you live in.Make your heart a calming place so others can find shelter from their storms.Do not let others tread lightly onto your rights.

     Give to your children God,Reason to live,Reasoning to let others live,Happiness,Joy,Sincerity,Gifts that enrich their lives,Strong family values, Discipline,Honor,Courage,Grace,Stillness in their hearts,and most of all a Strong family background.

     These will help to raise Humans who will enrich the world we leave to them.Please do your part and save the world one person at a time even if it is just you.


I have held doors open for you.
I have dried your tears..
I have given you food…
I have given you love….
I have taken you in…..
I have held you in my arms……
I have given you precious memories……
I have walked with you on your journey……..
I have talked to you in my own way……….
I have sent you good times…………
I have put you into the job that you wanted……….
I have made you well when you were sick………..
I have sent you my only begotten son so that you may have everlasting life………
I still say thank you for letting me into your heart,because I will always turn the other cheek…….

My Life in a Nutshell

     My life has been an interesting one to say the least.From birth,adoption,and then adulthood,it’s been one big roller coaster.But God has seen me through the worst of times.

     When I was born,my biological parents decided to divorce.Using me as their reason for divorce,my two sisters and I were shipped off to separate foster homes.I was too sickly that no one wanted me because,face it,no one wants a sick infant.

     My adoption is another story altogether.Mom was too old to adopt a child,let alone one with physical limitations such as epilepsy,heart problems,and unsteady nerves.I will credit her for her efforts on keeping me,instead of sending me off to the state ward,where children are treated with such poor care that they turn into vegetables.My mom tried her best to provide me with clean clothes,food,and a warm place to live.We didn’t have to use a car as a home.I was lucky in that respect.

     Now,in adulthood,I have had problems with my body that no one should have to deal with,including bladder problems,depression,nerve damage,and even women’s issues.My bladder is shot from all the sodas I have drunk.I am depressed due to mental issues stemming from a past that no one should have to deal with.I have nerve damage,due to being run over by a semi-tractor trailer rig.Then there are the women’s issues such as infertility which dealt me a heavy blow as I had wanted children from an early age.

     I have,though,a great deal of educational skills that I can use to teach young children and even adults things such as computer skills and anything else I can find to quench my appetite for learning and teaching.In order to do that,though,I have to make my mind up and do the basics;go to college,attend classes,work hard,and not play around.I am diligent on some of the goals;however,some of them have me derailed due to short attention span.

     In closing,I have done much more that surprise the naysayers who said,”She will never amount to anything,so why waste the time and resources to help her?”I have the willpower and determination that will see me through any and all kinds of hurdles that I may have to deal with.From tough classes in Math,English,Computer,and whatever else is thrown at me,I am determined that nothing will stand in my way,not even poorly typed first essays.

     I owe everything I have accomplished thus far to God.He has seen me through some tough times and will continue to do so.He has been my rock and my salvation as only he can!God is everywhere in my life and always will be.