What Have We Done



We demolished the monuments one at a time.
We desecrated the tombs of people to build sky scrappers.
We made holes in the earth for precious metals.
We left the holes in the earth and did not fill them in.
We made holes to drill for oil and left that mess behind.
We killed in the name of Gods that do not exist.
We demolished children to serve a god that is not real.
We took from the world its resources and polluted the aftermath.
We killed out species of plants,animals,and water creatures.
We demolished almost all of the rain forest.
We made for ourselves idols of commercial products.
We made false prophets.
We killed our love that GOD gave to us.
We made landfills that are overflowing.
We made the ocean our toxic dumping grounds.
We made products that can not return to the earth with in our lifetime.
We created governments that destroy each other with dirty bombs.
We pollute the earth with toxins to make new toxins.
We dump garbage on the side of the road expecting others to clean it up.
We set fires with cigarettes that destroy millions of acres of land.
We pollute the water we drink so badly we have to buy products to clean it.
We have killed our heroes that meant for something and replaced them with rich self loathing drug addled people.
We taught our children that the values of being nice no longer exist.
We taught the next generation that lying is the norm.
We have done ourselves such a HUGE disservice that we will never get out from under it.
We followed the wrong “in” crowd and now it is time to pay up.
We pay up in the form of our life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness.
We should feel ashamed that we let it get this far but our society no longer values enough to realize that it is what it is.
We doomed the next generations and the ones after this to a downward falling world.
We can not escape.
We do not want to leave the “comfort zone.”
We did this and it is over GOD wants it to stop.
GOD will be calling us home VERY shortly…..Will you be following the RIGHT GOD to Heaven?
Will I see YOU there?



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