What is the PRICE of Secession?

     OK lets say we succeed from the United States of America. What then?Will any of us be willing to pay for a “Toll Road” that cost way too much to travel? What about the utilities that are freely Given to us Electric,Water,Sewage,Phone,Internet,Satalite,and Food. Will we as the Un- United States of America be able to drill for our own well and provide food as well as goods and services to our families? Can we risk all of that for something that will be over in 4 years or less? 

     How about the banking system will the government hang us out to dry there and make the money we have through them Null and Void? Allot of people get Social security and Medical aide of some sorts. We will most likely have to make our own money and our own system of Retirement  services such as Social Security as well as Food Stamps.

Obama sucks and I agree totally we need to revamp the Government but is this a real way to solve it or are we cutting our own throats despite ourselves? We must Always pursue happiness with a vigor and make commitments for what we stand for but if we fall we fail and that is not an option worth risking.Sure Benghazi as well as other issues have occurred here lately that give us cause to worry for our nation but will we ever stop worrying?

     I say TOUGH it out and let the 4 years or so work their own magic.We have enough Taxes as it is with out paying for EVERYTHING through our noses for the services and goods we get now. We as a nation did not teach our children the basics of growing seeds in the ground for our own food needs we let them play with Cell phones and Video games to where they have no Idea what plucking a chicken and milking a cow means. Most kids do not even know what discipline is due to lackadaisical ideas that were pounded into them by a government that says”your mom and dad do not have the authority to whip you” into their heads. We can not even get the children of today to pull their pants up around their waist.

     In 4 years weather he or his lackeys want it or not Obama our first and probably only Black president will be ousted from office and we can and will rebuild. We always have rebuilt from the ground up in most cases this will be no different.We can redo the Constitution and the Declaration but if we continue to succeed from the union then we condemn far more generations of children than if we do nothing but wait it out. Life now is harder than it should be but we keep our calm,cool,and collective selves we will be a better UNITED STATES of AMERICA!Image


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