Race Against Time!

Question yourself this: What would happen IF everyone REFUSED to become a member of the USA service? What would happen if everyone refused to sign up for duty for the USA and served their own state as a Fireman or Rescue Squad or even Policeperson!
Think of what the GOVT. would have to do to haul EVERYONE in front of the Judges to have that kind of trail is ASTRONOMICAL!
One day in the near future we all must decide IF THIS country is worth ALL of OUR lives and our CHILDRENS lives for a GOVERNMENT that Ultimately HATES To Protect and Serve us! One day you will be asked or made to take your guns and food from your storage because the government will kill you for it. DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL THIS HAS TO STOP! GET A BACKBONE! LEARN HOW TO WRITE IN A UNIVERSAL CODE THAT THE USA DOESN’T HAVE. One day you will be scared by them and I ask you this will you DIE in a blaze of GUNFIRE that HURTS and is infinite?GOD will wait for us but man will not they will pull that trigger faster than you can blink! GET WITH GOD NOW! THE WAR IS HERE!SOONER OR LATER THE ELECTRONIC MEDIAN WILL BE SHUT DOWN.With Rural Post Offices being SHUT DOWN its only a matter of time before they READ OUR MAIL! Ink that has the ability to be seen with X-Ray devices is probably already out there!What I see is a minds eye blink of the horrors of what are to come!Food that is mixed with chemicals that are designed to kill us in a matter of 60 years say good bye to pensions and retirements! TRUST ME ITS GOING TO BE INSANELY BAD!


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