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Women and Beauty


Any woman is beautiful.
They may wake up with their hair all about their face and some men like that.
They sometimes forget to take the makeup off their face.
They do not have time to do all they really want but the big stuff gets done.
They find the time to do one or two things that make them feel good.
They make love to their man if they can.
They do the housework.
They do the checkbooks.
They do the secretarial work.
They wash endless amounts of laundry.
They make sacrifices of their youth.
They give birth to children if they can.
They make sure that baby is well and happy.
They do everything so that child will not have to do anything.
They do plumbing.
They do electrical.
They do woodworking.
They do car repairs.
They still remain beautiful.
They still smile.
They still do their eyebrows.
They still brush their teeth.
They still take long baths.
They still put nice clean clothes on.
They still match their wardrobes.
Men have but two jobs to do and that is to provide the money for the woman to use for the household and respect the family they create.
Men who can not do that………………………………………..Are not worth that womans beauty.


What Have We Done



We demolished the monuments one at a time.
We desecrated the tombs of people to build sky scrappers.
We made holes in the earth for precious metals.
We left the holes in the earth and did not fill them in.
We made holes to drill for oil and left that mess behind.
We killed in the name of Gods that do not exist.
We demolished children to serve a god that is not real.
We took from the world its resources and polluted the aftermath.
We killed out species of plants,animals,and water creatures.
We demolished almost all of the rain forest.
We made for ourselves idols of commercial products.
We made false prophets.
We killed our love that GOD gave to us.
We made landfills that are overflowing.
We made the ocean our toxic dumping grounds.
We made products that can not return to the earth with in our lifetime.
We created governments that destroy each other with dirty bombs.
We pollute the earth with toxins to make new toxins.
We dump garbage on the side of the road expecting others to clean it up.
We set fires with cigarettes that destroy millions of acres of land.
We pollute the water we drink so badly we have to buy products to clean it.
We have killed our heroes that meant for something and replaced them with rich self loathing drug addled people.
We taught our children that the values of being nice no longer exist.
We taught the next generation that lying is the norm.
We have done ourselves such a HUGE disservice that we will never get out from under it.
We followed the wrong “in” crowd and now it is time to pay up.
We pay up in the form of our life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness.
We should feel ashamed that we let it get this far but our society no longer values enough to realize that it is what it is.
We doomed the next generations and the ones after this to a downward falling world.
We can not escape.
We do not want to leave the “comfort zone.”
We did this and it is over GOD wants it to stop.
GOD will be calling us home VERY shortly…..Will you be following the RIGHT GOD to Heaven?
Will I see YOU there?


The Price of this New Life

     The price of freedom has never been cheap nor without bloodshed.We seem to forget that when we have a big hurdle to overcome and wish it to be over and done with ASAP.We forget today with all of the “dumbing down” that has been done to us by the “mainstream media” we have in our homes.In a culture which thinks Friends, Keeping up with the Kardashians,The Simpsons,and Three and a Half Men are “quality entertainment” I feel sad we have come to that.I ask you why submit yourself to such poor choices? I know there is a motivation to it but I do not and have never seen it. Do you seriously hurt that bad in your life to think that degrading your mind is a better choice?

     We skipped over great shows like How did they do that,How it’s Made,National Geographic,and Wild Kingdom to name a few.Where we flexed our minds to wonder and surprise when we saw cars being built and the animals in their natural environments.Where we learned what life was like for other cultures and what economic hurdles they overcame.We skipped history shows where we learned what NOT to do because of past mistakes.How did it make you feel to watch these shows that gave you insights to life?

     We deleted from our schools,universities,and country the GOD that made it so wholesome and good.We made as poor a choice by inviting that mentality into our lives as we did the TV shows we watch. Our founding fathers put GOD in the founding documents for a reason. The reason was so future generations would not forget him. With each passing generation we have forgotten him tho and replaced him with nothing,a house with nothing for a foundation will surely fall.

     We did it because we wanted to conform and now that we have we want to become non conformist? It doesn’t work that way.You do not suddenly have that option you gave it to the Government. Lock,Stock,and Barrel no turning back on this road. You decided long ago to stray from GOD and from the good that he sent you.This country meant Freedom, Life, Liberty,and the pursuit of Happiness. But due to population explosions and very limited prosecution of individuals for their crimes by old fashioned ways and the glamorizing  of it it means nothing to anyone. He or she  got the chair,lethal injection,or cyanide gassing big deal says the person who knows not what that is all about.

     We took away the Parents rights to discipline their own sons and daughters.I ask you how is that working out for you? I see teen pregnancy rates up as well as more teens and pre-teens getting involved with more serious crimes each day.When will this end? Not in the lifetime we have decided to Keep for us now.Suicides are up too and that should alarm us but being a “Dumbed Down” society has even dulled us there.He or She was a depressed person just move on with life.

      We with every Vote cast, Nod made,and Handshake given have secured ourselves a future of inevitable gloom and doom.We did that by ourselves by not being educated past what we see as the norm on the “Boob Tube” aka TV. Get an education and get a real life not clouded in what you see in mainstream media find the sources that are out there. Read OLDER history books not these new ones full of the we do not want to offend people of certain races history books. Those were dictated to us by a people who should have forgotten what a slave was long ago when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by Abraham Lincoln.

     We the people in order to make ourselves worth something now must undo all the wrong that we have done.Starting with whatever you can begin at home with better TV shows that make you THINK as well as process information. Make each of your kids go to school and try as hard as you can to get them in a college even a trade college is worth more than a check for nothing.Find someone who can teach you how to garden and grow your own foods even a single row of your favorite vegetables grown is money you do not have to spend at a store on Chemically treated ones. If you have the room and live where you can grow chickens for the meat and eggs they produce. Getting back to the basics can produce some really amazing results!

What is the PRICE of Secession?

     OK lets say we succeed from the United States of America. What then?Will any of us be willing to pay for a “Toll Road” that cost way too much to travel? What about the utilities that are freely Given to us Electric,Water,Sewage,Phone,Internet,Satalite,and Food. Will we as the Un- United States of America be able to drill for our own well and provide food as well as goods and services to our families? Can we risk all of that for something that will be over in 4 years or less? 

     How about the banking system will the government hang us out to dry there and make the money we have through them Null and Void? Allot of people get Social security and Medical aide of some sorts. We will most likely have to make our own money and our own system of Retirement  services such as Social Security as well as Food Stamps.

Obama sucks and I agree totally we need to revamp the Government but is this a real way to solve it or are we cutting our own throats despite ourselves? We must Always pursue happiness with a vigor and make commitments for what we stand for but if we fall we fail and that is not an option worth risking.Sure Benghazi as well as other issues have occurred here lately that give us cause to worry for our nation but will we ever stop worrying?

     I say TOUGH it out and let the 4 years or so work their own magic.We have enough Taxes as it is with out paying for EVERYTHING through our noses for the services and goods we get now. We as a nation did not teach our children the basics of growing seeds in the ground for our own food needs we let them play with Cell phones and Video games to where they have no Idea what plucking a chicken and milking a cow means. Most kids do not even know what discipline is due to lackadaisical ideas that were pounded into them by a government that says”your mom and dad do not have the authority to whip you” into their heads. We can not even get the children of today to pull their pants up around their waist.

     In 4 years weather he or his lackeys want it or not Obama our first and probably only Black president will be ousted from office and we can and will rebuild. We always have rebuilt from the ground up in most cases this will be no different.We can redo the Constitution and the Declaration but if we continue to succeed from the union then we condemn far more generations of children than if we do nothing but wait it out. Life now is harder than it should be but we keep our calm,cool,and collective selves we will be a better UNITED STATES of AMERICA!Image

Race Against Time!

Question yourself this: What would happen IF everyone REFUSED to become a member of the USA service? What would happen if everyone refused to sign up for duty for the USA and served their own state as a Fireman or Rescue Squad or even Policeperson!
Think of what the GOVT. would have to do to haul EVERYONE in front of the Judges to have that kind of trail is ASTRONOMICAL!
One day in the near future we all must decide IF THIS country is worth ALL of OUR lives and our CHILDRENS lives for a GOVERNMENT that Ultimately HATES To Protect and Serve us! One day you will be asked or made to take your guns and food from your storage because the government will kill you for it. DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL THIS HAS TO STOP! GET A BACKBONE! LEARN HOW TO WRITE IN A UNIVERSAL CODE THAT THE USA DOESN’T HAVE. One day you will be scared by them and I ask you this will you DIE in a blaze of GUNFIRE that HURTS and is infinite?GOD will wait for us but man will not they will pull that trigger faster than you can blink! GET WITH GOD NOW! THE WAR IS HERE!SOONER OR LATER THE ELECTRONIC MEDIAN WILL BE SHUT DOWN.With Rural Post Offices being SHUT DOWN its only a matter of time before they READ OUR MAIL! Ink that has the ability to be seen with X-Ray devices is probably already out there!What I see is a minds eye blink of the horrors of what are to come!Food that is mixed with chemicals that are designed to kill us in a matter of 60 years say good bye to pensions and retirements! TRUST ME ITS GOING TO BE INSANELY BAD!

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